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What's the weather like?

Although July is winter in Brazil, it will likely still be quite warm. Temperatures can vary, with an average low of 66 degrees Fahrenheit and high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Brazil's July temperatures can reach the 90s, so although rare, it wouldn't hurt to prepare for a few hotter days.

What language is spoken in Brazil?

Portuguese is Brazil's national language, but knowing a little bit of Spanish will help you get around a bit. Not everyone speaks English, so we will definitely make some cards for attendees with some helpful phrases.

What should I do about money?

The Brazilian currency used is the real (pronounced hey-al), or for plural, reais (pronounced hey-ice). The exchange rate varies, but is roughly 5 reais to one US dollar.

We recommend exchanging your currency at your local bank before your trip to get the best rate. It's handy to have some local currency on hand, but you can also pay at most places using a credit or debit card. Just check with your bank to find out what the foreign transaction fee will be for payments or ATM withdrawals. Most airports also have currency conversion booths, but the rate will generally not be favorable, so it's best to get the cash you need in advance.

What about cell service?

US phone carriers offer international data plans, and we'd recommend contacting them directly for a quote.

Otherwise, wi-fi is available in most public places, and Whatsapp is a free app for texting and calling that most Brazilians use as their primary way of contact. You can also purchase a sim card to use while in Brazil for data.

What is resort formal attire?

We are hosting a formal wedding in a tropical climate. This is the perfect time to bring out bright colors and prints and to add fun accessories and statement pieces. We'd love to see you show off your unique individual style, whatever that means to you! For suits, three pieces are not required, and lighter fabrics and colors are recommended. It's not mandatory, but we'd be absolutely delighted if our guests showed up wearing colors from our wedding color palette below!

Let us know if you have any other questions!