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Our Story

We met in 2017, when we were both solo traveling in Thailand. Both of us spent one night at a hostel in Bangkok, where we exchanged some easy conversation over Frosted Flakes at the hostel breakfast. Then, we both went our separate ways.

Even though we weren't able to meet up again during that trip, we stayed in touch. The next time we met was in Las Vegas, and we decided to try and make the "long distance thing" work. We met when we could, either in our hometowns or traveling somewhere new.

Nearly three years later, we finally moved in together just north of Boston. A month later, the pandemic hit, and we went from occasionally seeing each other to spending every waking moment together. Fortunately, it only brought us closer to each other.

We spent three months traveling in Brazil earlier this year, waiting for the New England winter to pass. It was on this trip that we finally got engaged, almost exactly six years from the day we met.

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